AVIMIN Custom Premix

Description & Benefits: 

Avimin Custom Premix is a vitamin and mineral premix for swine, poultry and aqua. These vitamin and mineral premixes are exclusively prepared to achieve the desired level of nutrition in different stages, growth and performance to avoid vitamin deficiencies and toxicities.

Avimin Custom Premix can also be customized for specific breeds of broilers, layers and hogs. The vitamin and mineral content is prepared according to the nutritional requirements of poultry, swine, aqua or as specified by any customer, farm or feed mill.

Avimin Custom Premix helps farmers maximize the performance of their livestock and optimize farm operations. All vitamins and minerals are directly sourced from global companies to certified standards in quality.

  • Improves animal production and performance
  • Customizes vitamin and mineral formulations for various breeds of swine, poultry and aqua
  • Assures cost-effectiveness in various phases of animal production
25 kg bag

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